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Conditions and privacy Playmapping 11 – 5 – 2018

Playmapping collects personal data from its users via the website These personal data are well protected and protected. Protecting personal data is of crucial importance to us.

The informative website and the user software both have separate privacy conditions. The privacy conditions below apply to the website
Playmapping Software has its own specific privacy conditions.

Read on this page a detailed explanation of the personal data that is stored and used, the protection of personal data, the cooperation with other parties, and the possibility of gaining insight into your personal data.

Purposes collect and process personal data through Playmapping

1. Good user experience of the website (eg country / language, user account)
2. Communication
3. Playmapping newsletter
4. Analysis for improving the operation of


  1. Good user experience of the website (eg country / language, user account)
    Based on the language of the Internet browser at the location of the IP address, this website is displayed in the correct language. This means that a user does not have to select the language himself and the user-friendliness is increased. This is an automatic process which means that IP addresses and language settings of individual users are not known in Playmapping.
    Saving the Playmapping user account on this website is done via the ‘login’ page on this website. This page falls under the Playmapping software. For the general conditions on user accounts, we refer you to the privacy conditions of Playmapping Software (available through your contact person).
  2. Communication
    When you send an e-mail or other messages to us, we may keep those messages. Sometimes we ask for personal details that are relevant to the situation in question. This makes it possible to process questions and answer requests. The data is stored on secure servers of Playmapping or those of a third party. We will not combine this information with other personal data.
  3. Playmapping newsletter
    After your explicit permission to be included in the Playmapping mail file, we can send you e-mails with information about developments or information related to the discipline in which Playmapping is active. At the bottom of every mailing there is the possibility to change your details or to unsubscribe yourself. Your e-mail address is only included in the database for use by Playmapping. Your e-mail address and corresponding contact details are not shared by us with third parties other than that it is stored in the system with which we send the newsletter.
  4. Analysis for improving the operation of the playmapping website
    Playmapping user data is analyzed to improve the platform. This data is collected and processed completely anonymously. So no link is made between an individual user and user behavior.

Access, rectification or deletion of personal data

The Playmapping website does not store personal data in the database. We do however store the review that you have placed with us on the website. Do you want to make changes to this review or have the review removed? Please contact us via the contact form. Adjusting or removing a review can only be done by us. We aim to process all requests within two weeks.

Protection of your personal data during collaboration Playmapping with third parties
Playmapping works for the maintenance, management and hosting of the website together with third parties. The sending of e-mails is also done using an external program. A processor agreement has been concluded with these parties, which means that your personal details are protected in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG).

Security of personal data

We believe your privacy is essential and therefore do everything to protect it according to the applicable rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). This means, among other things, that the website is secured with an SSL certificate, that we work with processor agreements for our partners and that you yourself authorize the processing and storage of your data on our website.

Personal data: third party websites via Playmapping

It is possible that the website Playmapping another website mentioned in informative content. Playmapping is not responsible for the privacy policy of other sites and sources. These websites are owned by third parties and are called purely informative. There is no relationship between these websites and Playmapping. Therefore we are not responsible for the content, the privacy policy and the protection of personal data on these websites. Read the privacy policy on that website.

Changes and contact

This privacy statement is tailored to the use of and the possibilities on this site. Any changes and / or changes to this site may lead to changes to this privacy statement. It is therefore advisable to consult this privacy statement on a regular basis.

If you have questions about your personal data or the protection of your personal data, please contact us. We strive to answer your question within two weeks.

If, in spite of our carefully formulated privacy policy and after contact with Playmapping, you are dissatisfied with this, you have the right to report this to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


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