Our customers include thousands of municipalities, schools, nurseries, as well as inspection agencies. We have regular discussions with them in order to keep our software up-to-date and complete. No other software offers as much data as Playmapping: all the relevant features of all playground equipment, the safety standards of all countries where we are represented, and pre-programmed maintenance activities.

Product library with all relevant data on tens of thousands of playground equipment devices.

Knowledge base containing the current safety standards for playground and exercise equipment.

A complete set of pre-programmed maintenance measures is just a click away.

About us

Since its inception in 2005, Playmapping has become Europe's largest provider of software for the inspecting of playground and exercise equipment so that people can exercise and play safely.


What is the investment value of the playground equipment and surfacing in the municipality in question? What are the theoretical and actual number of years after which each piece of playground equipment should be replaced? What budget will be needed for replacement, maintenance and control purposes for the next 10 years? You can learn more about our budget tool here.

Playmapping training academy

Playmapping offers various training courses for inspectors and installers of playgrounds and sports and exercise areas. You can view the extensive range of inspection, maintenance and management training courses here.

Formulating policy

Playmapping supports providers of playgrounds and sports areas in formulating policy. Our live data enables you to use our policy reports to quickly anticipate maintenance costs, safety risks, and the usage of your area(s). You can learn more about our planning tool here.

Playmapping certified partner programme

Playmapping offers a certified partner programme especially for professional inspection and maintenance providers. This allows them to offer Playmapping to their customers for inspection, maintenance and control purposes. Read more about the Playmapping certified partner programme here.

Meet the Playmapping customers:

Frequently asked questions:

Playmapping is intended for providers of public play and exercise areas, including: • Municipalities • Schools • Recreation • Childcare • Housing Associations Playmapping's certified partner programme is also a perfect solution for playground professionals: • Suppliers of playground and fitness equipment • Inspection agencies
Watch the software demo of the control capabilities to see a preview of how our Playmapping software works. We are always happy to give an extensive personal demonstration on site. Please contact us to make an appointment.
Customers pay a license fee per device or per inspection (Playmapping professional), which means they pay on a pro rata basis for their use of Playmapping. This fair licensing structure makes Playmapping affordable for everyone. Please feel free to contact us for more information.
The licensee owns the data. Playmapping makes the data available to its customers in several different formats.


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