As a playground or exercise area controller, you are responsible for the safety of playgrounds and exercise areas. And you take this responsibility seriously. The NVWA-approved Playmapping software gives you a real-time view of the current status and risks. It is also a handy guideline for your maintenance planning and budget forecasts. Discover how Playmapping customers have experienced working with the software.

Product library with all relevant data on tens of thousands of playground equipment devices.

Knowledge base containing the current safety standards for playground and exercise equipment.

A complete set of pre-programmed maintenance measures is just a click away.

This is how the Playmapping software works

Easy-to-use software for controllers of public playgrounds and exercise areas.

More than 8,000 controllers of public playgrounds in Europe are already using Playmapping software. They include municipalities such as Haarlem, Tilburg, Darmstadt, Copenhagen, London and Madrid, but also many schools and childcare institutions. Inspection agencies also like working with Playmapping.

  • All the playgrounds and individual playground devices that are the controller’s responsibility are entered in the software. The comprehensive product library makes the summary easy to compile. The library contains all the features and maintenance aspects of all 12,000 designs of playground equipment that are marketed in Europe. You can always see your current inventory at a glance.
  • Translating current status directly into policy. Your field inspectors will be happy to use the handy app when inspecting playgrounds and playground equipment. When they type in their findings on site and submit them, you will immediately see the current status. If additional maintenance or even replacement is required, you can immediately enter it in your maintenance planning and record it in your logbook. You can easily demonstrate that everything has been done to ensure the safety of the playground equipment.
  • Always in line with current legislation. All European safety standards and maintenance measures are featured in Playmapping. Your inspectors will find pre-programmed knowledge about EN1176 (Playground equipment) and EN1177 (Impact attenuating playground surfacing) in the app.
  • Playmapping office: location list

    Just a few mouse clicks take you to a list of all locations (left) and all playground equipment (centre). A list of all findings is shown on the right

  • Playmapping office: detailed device photos

    The inspectors record all their findings in text and in images.

The Playmapping app works on all possible devices and is fully compatible with Android, Apple iOS and Windows.


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